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The Rational IT Model™ (TRIM) is a reference model for the adoption of IT Service Management as a practice.

TRIM  have developed a model for service management governance based on the existing organization and uses the existing decision-making groups to control service delivery. In this way, an organization can make the transfer without tearing up and change the structure that already exists.

The model includes all the processes, roles, templates, and procedures needed to implement IT Service Management as a working and efficient production of IT services that provide value to the business.

The model is built based on a holistic view of functions, escalation paths and governance of the organisation, making it easy to get the entire organisation, including suppliers, to work together. The model is easy to understand and to implement, yet built with such high quality that it can be the basis for an ISO/IEC 20000 certification.

Global Success Systems FZ LLC is certified consulting partner with to deliver TRIM Consulting Services.

TRIM Consulting Partner

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