Lean IT Leadership®

Lean IT Leadership® training teaches the core concepts of Lean Leadership, Leadership Developments Model and then self-development, developing others, building teams, creating a vision, practicing lean leadership, changing the organization. This course is aimed at understanding Lean IT Leadership, the impact on you as a leader and your role in developing other leaders in your organization.

Course Duration : 21 Hours of study (2 days or 3 days), CPD / PDU: 21


At the end of the course, the delegates will gain competencies in:

  • Understand the concept of Lean Leadership
  • Know the application of Lean Leadership in the IT Context
  • Use the Lean IT Leadership development model
  • Develop yourself towards being a Lean IT leader
  • Help others in developing themselves as Lean IT leaders
  • Align the Vision and Goals of your organization
  • Understand the concept of change in a organization
  • Understand how to take the lead in changing your organization