Are you ready for VUCA environment?

Disruption is as great as we have ever seen it.  We are seeing all aspects of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity)


VUCA, the acronym was coined by the U.S. Army in the 1990s to describe the post-Cold War world.The idea of VUCA has since been embraced by leaders in all sectors of society to describe the nature of the world in which they operate: the accelerating rate of change (volatility), the lack of predictability (uncertainty), the interconnections, of cause-and-effect forces (complexity) and the strong potential for misreads (ambiguity).


Bob Johansen (in his book Leaders make the Future) basically said that we need to: 


  1. Counter Volatility with Vision 
  2. Meet Uncertainty with Understanding 
  3. React to Complexity with Clarity
  4. Fight Ambiguity with Agility


We are proud to announce the up-to-date  training portfolio to prepare you and your team to face VUCA environment.

Our new training portfolio includes - 
  1. Digital Transformation Officer – Career path track
  2.  Agile Service Manager –Career Path track
  3.  ITIL4 certifications
  4.  Agile , DevOps Certifications
  5. Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain and Cyber-security certifications
  6. and more...

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