Why IT Capability Assessment?

Today every organization is depending on Information Technology and systems to enable the business, improve process efficiency, deliver competitive advantage and sustain the growth.

The CIO survey 2019 by KPMG reveals that [1]

  1. 44% of organizations are undergoing major digital change that will fundamentally impact their organization performance.
  2. Top priority of senior executives includes Delivering consistent and stable IT performance to the business, improve business performance, operational efficiency and improving security.

Eevery business owners, executives and IT Management must have visibility of the capability of IT.  

Unfortunately (from my experience), most of the IT executives and business executives managing IT, without a full view about their capability.

IT Capability assessment can help organization to know whether their IT organization capable to meet current and future business needs. A well-executed IT capability assessment will cover

  • People capability (skills, competencies and sufficient people)
  • Process capability (well established processors to deliver value to business)
  • Technology capability (architecture and technology to support business growth)
  • Risk Management (how well our technology related risks are managed by IT)
  • Knowledge and Intellectual (reusable knowledge, protecting the IP)
  • IT Strategy alignment with business( How well IT strategy is aligned with business strategy)

Having a clear picture of the IT  capability, will help executives to take necessary action to fix any gaps or improve the capability of IT to support business.

There are different options available for organizations to assess the IT capability

  1. COBIT capability assessment can be used to assess the IT capability based on the COBIT framework (processes and other components) [2]
  2. IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF) offers the capability assessment on the critical capabilities
  3. ITIL Maturity model helps organizations to assess the maturity based on ITIL Framework



[1] – https://home.kpmg/xx/en/home/insights/2019/06/harvey-nash-kpmg-cio-survey-2019.html

[2] COBIT 2019 the assessment  is referred ad COBIT Performance Management(CPM)


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